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Technology / NewsBay - 3 years ago

How High School Detention Led to My Invention

Since I was a kid, I've spent many hours daydreaming of ideas that in my mind would some day change the world. Most, ahem, 99% of them never made it past the napkin stage. Nonetheless, I kept daydreaming until something finally stuck. The id...

Technology / NewsBay - 3 years ago

Robots May One Day Care For Dementia Patients

With her brown hair, soft skin and expressive face, Nadine is a new brand of human-like robot that could one day, scientists hope, be used as a personal assistant or care provider for the elderly. The 1.7-metre tall Nadine was created in the likeness...

Technology / NewsBay - 3 years ago

The Illusion of Reality: The Brain's Best Guess

By Miles Kempton, Sound Designer, Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS) This year, the two buzzwords - or "concepts" I'd say, are "3D Audio" and its implementation into Virtual Reality (VR).  Being a sound designer I'm very interested in the i...